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13 November 2006 @ 11:15 pm
Several Drabbles  
Several drabbles, team Snitch

Title: Ode to the Whomping Willow
Challenge: Whomping Willow
Pair/Character: Sirius, mentions of Severus, James, Remus, Peter
Rating: PG

Ode to the Whomping Willow
by Sirius Black, first year

The Whomping Willow is my favorite tree
I wish it would whomp Snivellus for me
The Whomping Willow is really super cool
It's the best tree ever at Hogwarts School
Someone planted it just this year
I think it's to whomp Snivvy is why it's here
It's the whompingest tree I ever saw
So maybe it could beat him raw
Remus seems to be afraid of it
But James and Peter think it's a hit
And now Remus is frowning a lot
Because I said it should be Snivvy's spot

Title: Suggestion
Challenge: couch
Pair/Character: Remus, Peter, Sirius, James
Rating: PG

“We should get a couch,” Peter announced.

“A couch?” James arched an eyebrow.

“For the Shack. Like a clubhouse, you know.”

“Problem with that, Wormtail,” Sirius interjected. “Moony'd tear it right up at the full.”

“Oh.” Peter blushed, and Remus was blushing fiercely as well.

“He's got a good point, Pete. Appreciate the thought, though.”

“What if one of us put a shrinking charm on it, and you lot brought it out before . . .”

“That could work,” James said thoughtfully.

Sirius high-fived the air. “That's why Moony's our resident genius.”

As they chattered, Peter quietly stared at his ragged nails.

Title: One Small Step for Marauders
Challenge: moving
Pair/Character: Peter, Remus, James, Sirius
Rating: G

“It's moving!” James crowed in triumph.

He, Sirius, and Remus all hunched over a parchment, staring at a letter P that was sliding back and forth across the bottom of a roughly sketched box. Peter paced the far wall.

“Can I stop now?”

“Come and see, Pete, it's brilliant.”

Peter joined them; the dot migrated along with him. They allowed him to take the parchment to the far wall and marvel at the dot's movement.

Sirius smirked. “We're getting there!”

“Yes,” Remus agreed, already staring off into space. “Now, all we need is a reliable labeling system, accurate floor plans . . .”

Title: Springtime
Challenge: breaking
Pair/Character: Remus, James, Sirius, Peter
Rating: G

“Ow! Hey, James, Sirius, put me down, I've got to finish my Arithmancy . . .”

“Marauders,” James informed Remus solemnly, “Take breaks from their work to enjoy a beautiful spring day.”

“Yes, but I'm so far behind, and-”

“Get him, Peter,” commanded Sirius.

One Rictumsempra and a hovering charm later and Remus could net even get the breath to protest as he was carried into the warm sunlight.

Nor was he given time to return to protests, as James and Sirius promptly dropped him in the lake, forcing him to chase after them in seeking retaliation.

None of them studied that afternoon.

Title: Dressing
Challenge: dress robes
Pair/Character: Sirius, James, Remus, Peter
Rating: PG


Remus focused his whole attention on Sirius. “What's wrong?”

“Dress robes, for graduation . . .”

“You told Mum and Dad you had some,” James informed him.

“I forgot . . .”

“Forgot what?”

“They're embossed with the seal of the Most Nasty and Antiquated House of Black.”

“There isn't time to get robes now,” Peter said, wincing when Sirius glared.

“Could we remove the embossing?” Remus suggested.

“I don't want to wear that filth.”

“You could wear my robes, then.”

“Or we could transfigure my old ones, maybe,” James mused.


James and Remus transfigured them; Sirius flung his old robes in the fire.
freakanature88freakanature88 on November 14th, 2006 03:21 am (UTC)
First one: OMG! A poem from Sirius?! What is the world coming to? :: dies :: Fun, though!

Second: Love the fact that Peter has a good idea. Cute!

Third: Totally awesome! That's my favorite of the five! It's just so cool!

Fourth: Cute and cuddly!

Fifth: Poor Sirius! 'Most Nasty and Antiquated House of Black.' Nice!